Frequently asked questions:

Q: I can not download, install or launch the mobile version of game.
A: Please, check system requirements - free space on main memory, RAM etc. All information can be founded on the description in the store.

Q: Game is working but some times it crashes.
A: Try to reduce the quality (and shadow - for PC, Mac and Linux) settings and restart the game.

Q: Can I install the Android version to external SD card?
A: We are not supporting this feature. Some newest devices can move the application to SD card - try to check it in System Properties -> Applications -> . But we do not guarantee full workability after that.

Q: Can I move the progress from my free version to Premium?
A: No.

Q: Can I restore my saves after removing the application or moving to other device?
A: Only if you use cloud services and current version supports it.

Q: I lose all progress, my purchase was failed or other.
A: Contact with and describe your issue. We need full information about problem and:

  • application version
  • device model
  • operation system
  • the market where you bought this game
  • screenshots, time of issue and etc - if you think it can be helpfull
  • We do not need your passwords!

    For some cases we need your login-name (or login-email) to social service (Google+ for example).

    If you do not find help here - write