Date: 10/31/2014

What`s new in version 1.6:

Game mechanics

  • Parameters of character upgrades and the system of bonuses starting with armoury and equipment have been corrected.
  • The behaviour of enemies and bosses on missions have been finalised. The responses to the attacks have been added to the bosses. Parameters of health and armour as well as the action points for some units have been adjusted.
  • The "casual" difficulty mode has been removed.
  • The balance has been changed for some missions.
  • The tutorial has been corrected.


  • New items have been added: a stun gun, a canister of gasoline, a radio-controlled mine. These items can be found in the chest or you can open an access in the store.

Rewards and prices

  • The prices of items, upgrades of characters, weapons and equipment have been corrected.
  • The possibility of completing the campaigns not in chronological order (opening them for coins) has been removed.
  • The rewards for killing enemies have been increased, extra rewards for missions have been removed.
  • The rewards coming from chests have been increased.

Challenges and achievements

  • Several new challenges and achievements have been added. They can be obtained in the next versions of the game.
  • Achievements for completing the challenges, ejections of chests and some others have been fixed.
  • The duplicate window of achievements in the game has been removed.

Graphics and performance

  • The shadows on most missions have been corrected for greater realness.
  • Graphic issues on some missions have been fixed. Especially graphic issues with the bosses.
  • The available graphics modes have been optimised.
  • The memory consumption during the game has been optimised.
  • Lags in the interface have been fixed.


  • A graphical introduction in the form of comic books, telling the background of the first campaign, has been added to the game.
  • The resolution of artistic splash screens in the game have been increased.
  • Some badges on Steam have been redrawn.

Social networks

  • The ability to connect your Twitter account to the game has been added.
  • Bugs occurring when trying to login into Facebook or send a message have been fixed.
  • Bugs with the issuance of the additional coins after posts to the social networks have been fixed.


  • A new settings screen for remapping keys in the game has been added.
  • The functionality of the right mouse button has been increased, namely, now there is the information about a character or an enemy, pop-up information window about an active ability or item and a mode/an option similar to "back" button in other cases.
  • Additional buttons to select items, the special attacks or the special abilities during the game have been added.
  • The size of the game cursor has been minimized.

User interface

  • The interface of character`s upgrade has been corrected: the representation of parameters to be upgraded is more accurate now, the unnecessary elements have been removed.
  • The interface of the equipment and ammunition has been corrected: the unnecessary elements have been removed.
  • The interface of the items has been corrected: a large section for purchases and transformation of items has been added.

Download, play, stay tuned and the advent of new content!

Date: 07/22/2014

p>Everyone who enjoyed playing AntiSquad on PC will soon be able to try out a new and improved version of the game, absolutely free, by downloading it from the AppStore!

The game’s most striking innovation is that it now boasts considerably more missions. Three packs will now contain more than thirty missions. On the one hand, you’ll be offered more precise tactical challenges. On the other, we’ve simplified the process of character development and the use of items during a mission.

You’ll see this familiar game in a whole new light!

Date: 07/21/2014

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Date: 02/28/2014

Enjoy it on Steam!

  • Several critical bugs suspending the game work are corrected.
  • Attack zone indication for certain bosses is corrected.
  • Lighting at certain missions is corrected.
  • Minor bugs in certain effects and interfaces are corrected.
  • Bug of losing a range of bonuses by the characters dead or resurrected by ability at the missions is corrected.
  • Several bugs in Achievement System are corrected.
  • Several bugs in Challenge System are corrected.
  • Indication related to mission’s basic task is corrected.
  • The quality of several interface icons is improved.
  • The mission pack 2 boss is rebalanced.
  • First mission of the third pack is rebalanced.
  • Special abilities for Rose are corrected.

Date: 02/26/2014

We used the players’ requests and wishes by preparing the changes :) Check out new options and possibilities in your favorite game!

  • The mistake of incorrect support of some screen resolution is corrected.
  • The mistake of impossibility to correctly browse text descriptions of missions and characters is corrected.
  • The mistake of grass visualization on some missions is corrected.
  • The incorrect state of the basic attack icon at a range of characters is corrected.
  • The mistakes of Russian localization are corrected.
  • And correction of some minor mistakes of visualization for effects and interface is also done.
  • The option to scroll dialogs during the missions with mouse wheel is added.
  • Visual effects’ correction on the mission "Lead and fire".
  • The behavioral logic of the boss at the missions’ 2.pack - Moro is corrected.
  • The balance on the mission "Server is under attack" is corrected.
  • The indication for the state of chapter of chests is added: "New chest" and "All slots of chests are full".

Date: 02/20/2014

Click here and enter the fascinating world of AntiSquad adventures!

Early Access on Steam is at your disposal now!


... And the first reviews are...


Definitely, for the price, worth at least checking out, if not, it’s only the cost of a cup of coffee... hopefully it’s a good cup of coffee! The previews defintely make it look very interesting, and I love me some turn based games (XCom!) :)


It’s pretty fun, nice to see that you can unlock new characters/classes instead of buying them for real money. Combat wise its fun, and meets what i expect from turn based games. Also nice that there are diffuclty sliders on each map/mission so you can switch up to higher whenever you want and get more rewards out of it.


The game looks great.


Awesome, thanks! This game looks pretty sweet! ;D


Looks pretty pretty cool.


Good luck to all Antisquad fans, play on!

Date: 02/19/2014

AntiSquad’s adventures get level up!

In a couple of days AntiSquad game will be launched on Steam, the famous game platform. That means all Early Access game benefits will be available for players now. The option of beating new missions, receiving premium game items, being the first to see new characters, to use new weapon and equipment…all of that will wait for AntiSquad fans very soon!

Look out! There will be a special announce...

Date: 02/08/2014

AntiSquad is not only a mobile device game, but now a graphic novel too.A new Internet comic series soon will be released. Everything you wanted to know above AntiSquad beyond the game scene, being afraid to ask!

Date: 02/06/2014

...for her! Yeah, it is a girl! She is pretty, smart and extremely dangerous. Moreover, she is from Russia, and that means, she will bring a lot of adventures along...

Date: 01/24/2014

What we have impoved:

  • The threat of enemies for the 3 El Rombo contract missions have been reduced. (Normal Difficulty)
  • Rubies found in Army Boxes and Secured Containers are now doubled.
  • Fixed contents found in all containers.
  • Reduced the cost of opening an Armored Container.
  • Added more rubies as an award for flawlessly completing challenges (All Difficulties).
  • Increased growth of rubies for completing challenges.
  • Reduced the cost of removing limitations for leveling characteristics and abilities of characters.
  • Added a leaderboard in the Game Center.
  • Fixed several bugs dealing with synchronizing saves with the iCloud.
  • The number of in-app purchases in the game has been reduced. Now only rubies are available for purchase. If needed, these may then be converted into coins at a favorable rate.
  • In addition, we offer a gift of two rubies to all current players.